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Hi! I'm Sagal.

My name rhymes with juggle and means "ambient light at dawn," or "morning rays of sun during the rainy season." My people are poets. 

I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor's in Human Geography, and work in digital marketing. I'm particularly excited about about the intersection of editorial and eCommerce, but I love brick and mortar too. In fact, I'm one of those hard to track consumers who searches online, Pins endlessly and then walks into a physical store. 

I manage and execute on social media, search engine ads, content strategy, email marketing and way more. When I was younger, I wanted to teach kindergarten or own a daycare and before that, I wanted to be Ally MacBeal. 

When I'm not hunched over a keyboard, you'll find me out riding or racing my road bike. If I'm not in the saddle, then I'm curled up with a book (I host a monthly breakfast book club), making a big mess while cooking or working on a craft project.