so how dare you mock your mother
when she opens her mouth and
broken english spills out
don't be ashamed of the fact that
she split through countries to be here
so you wouldn't have to cross a shoreline
her accent is thick like honey
hold it with your life
it's the only thing she has left of home
don't you stomp on that richness
instead hang it up on the walls of museums
next to dali and van gogh
her life is brilliant and tragic
kiss the side of her tender cheek
she already knows what it feels like
to have an entire nation laugh when she speaks
she is more than our puctuation and language
we might be able to paint pictures and write stories
but she made an entire world for herself

how is that for art

—Rupi Kaur, broken english, the sun and her flowers

Kid Fury: I was more so afraid of invading someone else's home. You know, I said to Kia, shoutout to her, I said when animals enter my home—when anybody comes into my home—unannounced, uninvited, you have to get out immediately..."

Crissle: Or die. 

Kid Fury: It's one or the other and you don't have a long time to decide.

Crissle: Nope.

Kid Fury: I'm not giving you wiggle room. You're getting out or you die. So...

Crissle: That's really it. 

Kid Fury: I just feel like it is unfair and unreasonable for me to expect that these creatures who have been living here, minding their business, doing their own fucking thing for however long should not treat me the same. So, what I was worried about was getting in the ocean and promptly being taken the fuck off. So, that's what I was concerned about...

Crissle: Pissing them off with your presence.

Kid Fury: But the turtle was like "No we love company! Hey girl! So, this is our place. You know, real crisp, we're the bad bitches out here, super, super old."

Crissle: It was just beautiful. 

Kid Fury and Crissle discuss swimming with turtles in Barbados.

"I really wanted to like this exhibit, but instead walked away confused and with wet shoes. It’s difficult to say that it’s worth making the trip, because all of the images can be seen online and I gained nothing from the experience of visiting the gallery, besides seeing with my own eyes that this was in fact hair glued to everything. I would have preferred to walk away with an understanding of why there was hair on all the garments and what David Roth hoped to achieve with this work."

Went to an art show once, really enjoyed it.